The Post About Free Suze

I think my Dad has a thing for Suze Orman. He now talks about her more than Dave Ramsey. And to be honest, they have more in common, since both my Dad and Suze are a fan of the ladies. No matter.

I love Suze's advice on money and I love Kristen Wiig's version of Suze's advice on money (on SNL). Perhaps you are like me and need a little tuneup on the way you manage your money (or maybe your money car is totaled...) Either way - this week is your lucky week. Suze Orman's newest book Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan is available now.

Of course, the best part is you can download it free until next Thursday - just click here.


  1. Jamie,

    Suze does have some good advice but she can get on my nerves. I put with Nancy Grace in the annoying personality category. I'll have to check out her free book. Seems to me all these folks have the same plan, save 1,000 for emergencies, make the min payments, pay off smallest loan first and some even suggest getting a second job. Of course buy thier books :-)

  2. While working at Books-a-Million I'm pretty sure I was tired of seeing that woman's face after a few days. Plus she had so much that her section was a pain in the knee to deal with. (Literally, since it was on the bottom shelf and working there I managed to age about 20 years).

    On an unrelated note: I glanced over at your speaking of reading section and the fact that The Time Traveler's Wife is over there makes me happy =)


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