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Someone asked me yesterday why I started blogging. We had both read the same article in Relevant Magazine by Brett McCracken called "The Problem of Pride in the Age of Twitter."

McCracken said: “We’ve become obsessed with ‘status,’ but not status in the sense of being objectively measurable (as in our vital stats) or community-derived (as in our class or social status), but status in the attention deficit sense of ‘what I am doing right now.’ Communication is no longer about learning things from people or sharing experiences; its about knowing what they’re doing and how they’re feeling – or at least how they want the world to perceive them as such."

That definitely resonates with me. I talked to a friend recently who I hadn't heard from in more than 2 years. However, because we are "friends" online, I already knew the answer to my question "What have you been up to?" I knew because I could read her info page, or see her status updates, or read her blog, or see her relationship status change, or look at the pictures in her photo albums. I could do all of this without saying one word to her. Is that normal? Or rather, is that okay?

Not really. I do think if you make the important relationships in your life a reality in the 3 dimensional world, then you are on the right track. That's my Chinese New Year's Resolution.

So - why do I blog? Initially, it was a therapeutic technique. One of my closest friends moved 2100 miles away in July and she was the one I detailed many of these random moments to. This was a way to maintain that piece of the friendship...

But as gravy, I like it. It's me Polaroiding my life. Without the shaking.

Readers who blog - why do you do it?

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  1. Letter writing is a lost art, but I've committed to keeping it alive as I cultivate relationships with my aunts, who are both in their 70s. Email is not an option with them. And I'm kind of glad, because in my busyness, I would likely resort to the quicker way of convo that does not require personal investment. Why? (Say it with me...) Because I'm SELFISH!

    (There. A wholesome comment. Am I allowed to keep commenting now?)


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