The Post About Licking Cowlicks

The hairdresser. It's a profession as important as doctor, pastor, tailor (I'm Ewok-short.) My relationship with my own stylist has always been of the utmost importance. I have had three hairdressers in the past 15 years whom I followed from salon to salon, until I finally moved too far away. One in Atlanta, one in Jasper, and my current dresser du jour - Melissa. She has worked in shops all over and I've trekked the miles every time. We have been happily together now for 7 years. No one cuts hair or passes the time like her.

I saw her tonight and now have sassy bangs. She also provided hair spray that will successfully battle the current floody, floody we are wading through. Plus, I have a bugger of a happy cowlick that has to be beaten into submission every morning with my straightener made for African American hair (is 400 degrees too hot?)

I just read this and realize I don't have a point. Other than to say I love my hairdresser.

What service professional do you heart?


  1. My "relationship" with my "stylist" has been very different. (How many "quotation" marks is too many?) Where you have stayed with one stylist for 7 years, I typically stay with one for abot 17 minutes. That's about how long to takes to spray the hair with water, clipper the hair, cut the hair, brush off the shoulders, take the money, Done.

    But I will say, I've gone to Melissa whenever possible and I do enjoy hanging out with her more than any other. .... BUT, when she's not convenient, any wal-mart or sports clips will do. =)

  2. Well working for Uncle Sam means I need to get my hair cut every two weeks. I have about 3 shops in hoover I visit depending on how long the wait is. On a rare occasion I will hit the Adamsville Barber Shop but the last time I was there the owner made me lose my peace. He had to take his lunch break while there were three people waiting for a haircut. Bad thing is he sat in the back and took his time eating a sandwhich in plain veiw of everyone. Needless to say I left and waited till the next day and got it cut elsewhere. I guess I need more patience :-) But waiting an hour for a haircut is too much for me

  3. I would like to see a picture of these new bangs!


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