The Post About Blaming Michelle Obama

I've decided to follow Oprah's lead and blame Michelle Obama for my weight too. Specifically, I'm blaming her for the plateau on which I have apparently pitched my muffin-top tent. I'm a part of "The Others" team competing in Scale Back Alabama for the next 6 weeks. Each of us has to lose 10lbs to be entered for snazzy prizes like cash and more cash. Since I'm the captain, it's assumed I will not fail (I also assume the other "others" will not fail, since that will force me to rip off their right arm and beat them with it.) We will not fail. However, if we do - we know who to blame.

While I'm at it - I will also credit the First Lady for the following:
1. My inability to load and unload the dishwasher in a timely matter. I don't own enough spoons for the amount of cereal I eat. That's her fault.
2. My tendency to surf the web while I am driving. My ADD meds do not overpower the need for a multitasking facebook fix. I blame her.
3. My renewed love for J.Crew. This one actually is her fault. Wouldn't this look lovely on my arm?


  1. We eat a lot of cereal and spoon related food items in our house too. You need to invest in pastic spoons. Worth the $1 a month.

  2. Well I hope your desire to blame Michelle O. for everything isn't also fueled by your desire to steal away her husband.

  3. I will keep my right arm thank you! I lost almost 2 pounds this week!!!!


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