The Post About Korea vs. Encino

After last week, I was giddy to see the ocean-soaked Jin and the cleaner and preggers Danielle (the island keeps Richard looking crisp, but it did nothing for Rousseau). Here are my reactions to tonight's episode in chronological order (Jamie-time, not Lost-time):

**Sun just gets creepier especially when talking to Ji Yeon about her “new friend” Aaron.
**Jin needs some chapstick and Danielle sounds like Celine Dion.
**It's raining Nadine.
**Was not expecting the arm. That's the worst game of tug-o-war ever.
**Ahh...Sawyer called Jin “Jin.” It's nice to have a nano-second of joy. The moment's over.
Quote Break: Sawyer: Translate! Miles: He's from Korea, I'm from Encino.
**C.S. Lewis just made a lot of unhappy guys (and my pastor) very happy with her admitted language skills.
**Ben clearly doesn't like passengers to discuss who is going to shoot him while he is driving.
**This episode just took a page from The Time Traveler's Wife – one of my faves!
**Is Locke's word any good, Jin? Isn't it the opposite of good?
**Locke takes a lickin' and.., Do I get credit for guessing Christian? I should. Maybe I have daddy issues?
**Is Christian an allusion to God and Locke to Jesus? Or maybe there's a Star Wars reference in there? But isn't that also about God and Jesus? I need Jeff Jensen to tell me what to think.

Previews: I guess the gang might all be together again. I cannot wait!


  1. No. Locke's word is not any good.
    But then again, neither is anyone else's on the island.
    Hurley is the only one I would trust. I considered blogging about all the lies told or uncovered last night, but then I realized it might be my longest blog ever.

    I love this show.

    Do you think Widmore is Charlotte's dad?

  2. When I read your theory on Charlotte's parentage, I was all...ooh. But then reading Jeff Jensen today reminded me that David Lewis is her dad (revealed last season.)


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