The Post About Hit & Run

I have this problem:

The house itself is actually quite lovely. We've been together for five years and have survived some highs and lows in our relationship. Highs includes punchy wall colors, sassy bathroom wainscoting, and a delightful porch bench that begs to swing as the temperature creeps higher. Our lows have been cataloged here in detail – lizards and friendly vandalism.

So what's the problem, you ask? It's trashy in nature, so consider yourself warned.

I have this long-suffering relationship with my garbage cans. The first dilemma is my memory that the trash is actually picked up each week. There's always this moment on Wednesday morning when I silently curse as I recall this task needing to be checked off. Then there's the actual movement required. It's probably 50 feet. But it might as well be 50 miles, because I simply can't seem to drag that trashcan back from the road. And since that road is apparently the final lap at a nascar event, the can doesn't always survive. This week's Exhibit A:

The biggest obstacle I face? Getting the garbage men to take the trashed trash can.


  1. Will they take it if you put a big sign on it saying it is trash. Not that it is not obvious and they should need that.

  2. You should give it to the Waders and tell them their assignment is to do whatever is necessary to get it into small bagable pieces.

    I'm sure they'd enjoy that project.

  3. I love your casa!

    And. . .I agree with Shawn.

  4. This is one of those moments that will make you realize you do indeed need a husband. That's what boys are for: dragging the can to the end of the driveway and dealing with the aftermath (and they can help with the lizards, too).
    Kimmie hit the same realization today when she was taking down her xmas decor (yes, it's still up), and couldn't get the tree disassembled. She fussed and almost cursed (because she's more godly than you) and came to the conclusion that God did not create her to be alone.
    And don't worry, I gave her my remedy. She did say she might do like me next year, and never put up xmas to begin with. I am adding to my minion.

  5. I think your garbage men just have a deep sense of irony.

  6. 1. I like the Wader plan.

    2. I do need a husband.

    3. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to find out how much smarter my garbage men are than me.


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