The Post About My "A" Game

Blogging has shifted a paradigm in my life. As I move through the world, I now find myself thinking about how experiences or images would present themselves in 2-3 paragraphs written for others’ reading pleasure. This has caused me to be a tad more post-it-note obsessive in some ways. But mostly, it’s been for the good. I now use my camera phone. I practice some writing skills I paid $3,500 per Emory class to learn. And most significantly, I find even more humor in what I consider a fairly comical life.

However, with the gift of experiences comes a necessary filter. When I post, there is a sense of anonymity. It’s just me and my laptop, Gracie; or me and my phone, Sammy (You don’t name your tech gadgets? When you love something, you name it – like a child or a hamster.) However, when I click “publish,” all bets are off. You, the reader, now have a chance to lean in close to the chaos, comedy, and crisis that is my life. You have the opportunity to judge and critique and mock the mess. Some of you even get to be a part because you live it with me, so you’re subjected to the followers and lurkers as well.

Since this is the case, I have to pick and choose what adventures make the feed. There are some great moments that end up on the cutting room floor. I wish I could paint those pictures for you – because it would be some of my best work. Romantic fix-ups gone awry. The struggle of cyber “friendships.” Crazy conversations about faith. And people in my life who are so unique they each deserve a week of posts just about them (you know who you are.)

So you’re stuck with a few “B+” posts and sadly, some “C-” posts. The “A”s are never in writing. To protect the innocent and the boneheaded.

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  1. I choose to mock you. And you should live by the mantra we have in radio: live your life on the radio and apologize to the innocent later. You've experienced me practicing this, yes?


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