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The average woman has 27 pairs of shoes. That seems irresponsible, right? I couldn't possibly have that many.

Let me go count...

I was almost positive I had less than 27. But shoes kept appearing the deeper I went into my closets. (multiple closets with shoes in them should have been my first indication that the math was not going to be in my meek favor.) Shoes I love, shoes I'd lost, black shoes, brown shoes, shoes-I-thought-I-would-die-if-I-didn't-buy shoes. And still the shoes came: red ones, blue ones, silver ones, plaid ones, pointy-toed, round-toed, no-toed, stilettos, flats...

My official count is up to 49. I'm committed to buying no more until I get rid of a few. I think 40 is a good non-extravagant number. Absolutely. When it comes right down to it, I actually prefer to equate the possession of vast number of shoes with a life rich in experiences. Plus, shoes do not forsake you if you retain water or retain that milkshake you ordered from
Christian chicken.

The average woman own 10 handbags. Let me go count...

Never mind.

What do you think - is that too many? What do you have too much of?


  1. The average guy I know owns 4 pairs of shoes...

    Tennis shoes for fun.
    Dress Shoes for work/church.
    Beach Shoes for summer.
    Work Boots - These are optional. Many guys choose to simply use their previous pair of Tennis shoes that they only replaced because they had holes in them.

    That's plenty.

  2. Did they get that number by asking the women how many shoes they had, or by investigating it?

  3. Don't you need brown shoes vs. black shoes for work/church? What about tennis shoes for different activities? I have 3 different pairs of tennis shoes...

    You boys baffle me.

    P.S. I think they asked which is investigating.

  4. But if someone asked you a week ago, you would have said less than 27, right?

    And investigating is more than asking, isn't it? It's getting proof.

    As far as what I have too many of...
    Vidjagames. I have far too many to ever have beaten.

  5. Yes. That's too many. Hello kettle. My name is Pot. :-) I have too many shoes and clothes that i don't wear.


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