The Post About Watermelon & the Devil

I'm sorry – did I mention I have a crush on my new Bible? I did? Well then, let's talk about why that might be. The Word of God in and of itself should be quite lovable. However, you add notes and original language text and definitions and cross references and charts and online access and it's on like Cheech & Chong (no Michael Phelps pun intended.)

We are camped out in Genesis in my Sunday Bible Study group. We are 9 chapters in and several questions have risen to the top:

  1. What happened between the first and second verse of Chapter 1?
  2. What did Eve think was happening while she was pregnant?
  3. Who did Cain marry?
  4. Who told Lamech he could have more than one wife?
  5. What was Noah doing while he was naked that caused him to curse Ham for seeing it?
  6. Was Ham mocked for the name “Ham?”

Of course, our best discussion was on Eve bring framed. “Framed” is probably harsh, but let's agree she has taken the brunt of the blame since Moses or whomever put pen to papyrus.

Chapter 3, verse 6 tells us Adam was with Eve when the deal went down. And when God goes hunting for them in verse 9, it says “But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, 'Where are you?'”

Sidebar: I love how God knows the answer to that question but forces the conversation with Adam. He does that to me more often than not, even though I would rather just take the licks and us agree silently that we both know what I've done. No need to chatter on about my stupidity.

The original “you” in verse 9 is singular – God is looking for Adam. It's not that Eve wasn't guilty – she was definitely a dirty disobeyer. But Adam was designed to be the keeper and protector of that relationship (2:15) and he had the opportunity to knock that watermelon out of her hand (I'm sure it was watermelon – who isn't tempted by watermelon?)

As part of their punishment, God deals with each of the players separately. If you read that section (3:14-19) you find that the consequences of sin are dire. I'll let my Bible boyfriend provide some insight “Similarly, the ongoing result of Adam and Eve's original sin of rebellion against God will have disastrous consequences for their relationship: (1) Eve will have the sinful “desire” to oppose Adam and to assert leadership over him, reversing God's plan for Adam's leadership in marriage. But (2) Adam will also abandon his God-given, pre-fall role of leading, guarding, and caring for his wife, replacing this with his own sinful, distorted desire to “rule” over Eve. Thus one of the most tragic results of Adam and Eve's rebellion against God is an ongoing, damaging conflict between husband and wife in marriage, driven by the sinful behavior of both in rebellion against their respective God-given roles and responsibilities in marriage.”


But hope was coming. Verse 21 “And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.” Hope is coming. He is.
Here's # 3 for 2009...This was an inspired choice for a friend who is going through some "hard cheese."

“For everything that was written in former times was written for our instruction, so that through endurance and through encouragement of the scriptures we may have hope.” Romans 15:4


  1. Fantastic blog. I have asked the question "Where would man be without woman?" The funny answer is "In the Gaden of Eden eating watermelon naked." But the true answer is probably in the same situation because Adam was a putz. There are consequences when the man does not know his role in the world. I really chaps my butt when a man abandons his God given role for selfishness and the La-Z-Boy. With Adam and with men today. Any way I have made a commitment to say one nice thing about you each month in 2009. Good blog.

  2. Did you say something nice about me in January? I don't recall...

    Thank you for February.

  3. Sorry if I sound a little harsh on your Bible Boyfriend but I think his interpretation of the consequences of eve's sin is off. He is reading into the text assigned gender roles that just aren't there.

    I think it gets all messed up because now instead of partnering together, she desires him and he rules over her.

    Is it possible that I am reading into the text my own bias toward an egalitarian view? Yes. It is possible, but highly unlikely.

    Genesis is a little fresh in my mind right now.

  4. twdt: I would love an egalitarian view, but I don't know if that's accurate either. And I minored in Women's Studies.

    Genesis is not as fresh in my mind, but I would love to dig back into this again.

  5. The question I have is how can ham (the pig kind) NOT be kosher if it's named after Noah's son?  Is that part of Cannan's curse or Adam's fall - regardless the porcine don't mind the snub I'm sure. BTW, I'm currently on WeightWatchers and watermelon is a zero points food - if that's not a sign of divinity I don't know what is....

  6. I'm with you on ham. And watermelon. And Cheez-its. Oh, you didn't mention cheez-its. Okay.


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