The Post About a Reese Round-up

Burglars were captured this week when the police followed a trail of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrappers. Read about it here. Lesson? Always check your team of vigilantes for PMS prior to breaking and entering.
My friend's daughter, Reese, is quite the doll. Here she is enjoying her lunch across from me at a local BBQ restaurant.

I'm usually anti-children in eating establishments that don't have a playground or numbered combos, but she was delightful. Especially when she would grab her baked beans from the Baby Einstein placemat and then place her beany hands in her hair. I guess the smartie-pants-placemat wasn't rubbing off.
"Why do Southern women make bad prostitutes? Because we have to write so many thank-you notes." Reese Witherspoon

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