The Post About Answer It & They Will Come

Yesterday I had a top five day in unique visitors to my blog site. That's an unclear way of saying - "A lot of folks took a gander at Jamie's Rabbits on March 3." In my heart, I'd like to believe it was the rumor of fanciful lizard tales or useful tips and tricks for rationalizing your way through any decision. But I acknowledge the power of a Tweet and a Facebook Status Update. Mine read like this "Jamie is multitasking her way to Dothan, Alabama. Check out one of the reasons she may be single at http://jamiebg.blogspot.com/"

Well, the curiosity killed the kittens, because many came to find out why I might be unmarried at this certain point in my life (I've actually been unmarried at all points in my life, but that's neither here nor there...) Were some so intrigued because they can't imagine why a fun, articulate, educated, well-accessorized gal at the young age of 20-13 would be without a soul mate? Or were they simply checking to see if their guess was correct?

Perhaps biscuits are the least of my concerns.

I'll be digging through my own theories in an upcoming post, but feel free to share your thoughts on singledom in the comments section which I affectionately refer to as "Love it or Leave it." Need not be single to reply.

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  1. Do you mean you are going to blog a list as to why you're single? If so, I'd like to contribute.


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