The Post About Hold Your Horses, Bonsai

Here are my reactions to tonight's Lost episode "LaFleur"

**We have a sassy body to go with that not-so sassy foot.
**I love the word “hootenanny.” I shall use it more often.
**SHUT UP LaFleur!!! You found some hair products.
**Hi Michelle Dessler – welcome to being Amy Goodspeed. And being sneaky.
**The 70's clearly improves your English. It must be all the polyester.
**Yellow flag for the molesting look in your eye, Daniel.
**Quote Break:
Sawyer: “Uh oh.”
**That's right - be in love. Together forever.
**Three years is long enough. EVEN IF SHE COMES BACK, STUPID.

Preview: This show has just taken a turn for the even better. Where is it headed?


  1. Yeah Sawyer had some classic lines last night. I wonder how this is all gonna pan out since they are stuck in 74. And also looks like the Jack, Kate, Sawyer triangle has got a little bigger..

  2. Duncan from the Newsboys is a rabid LOST fan (making HIM awesome, but not making Newsboys music awesome). He told me the statue is a fertility god. Interesting...


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