The Post About Bread & Milk

This is my first and very likely rare video blog. Mother Nature demanded it be shared.

It's Snowing from Vimeo.

Sidebar: This vlog was approximately one minute long. Dear friends, let the peer pressure overtake you.


  1. Love your video blog!! I am so glad it snowed today!!!!

  2. Great vlog. My favorite moments...
    1.) "walking forward like they did in the old timey days with their digital cameras."
    2.) thanking Mother Nature and "Baby Jesus" for the snow.

  3. That was amazing.

  4. I think you need to vlog about once a week. It is just great to hear your voice :)

    I am also shocked that you compared snow with a 50% sale, not even close!

  5. You missed the snowball fight after church!

  6. Thank you for the kind words! When I listened to this again, I was concerned about my pronunciation of several words... It's astonishing I can even be understood - which is why I will likely stick to writing.

    I agree that 50% off sales are quite the miracle to behold.


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