The Post About Burning Buses in One Day

Here are my reactions to tonight's episode of Lost “He's Our You.”

**Sayid's been a killer since Osh Kosh Omigosh.
**Needy and anxious are not pretty colors on Juliet.
**Quote Break:
Sayid "A 12-year-old Benjamin Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I am"

**Sometimes it's a compliment to meet your twin. Unless he's as good at torture as you AND sounds like he's from Hee Haw.
**Who knew all it took was a fat druggy sugar cube to make Sayid belly laugh?
**Dharma is so white.
**Puhshaw. I need super bounty boots like that.
**Quote Break: Sawyer "Even the new mom wants you dead."
**Benny is such a creepy tween. A mix of Harry Potter and Charles Manson.
**I wondered when I would say it - SHUT UP!!!!!

Preview: Where is Faraday? What is Locke up to? I miss Sun!


  1. The big question is that it is said that they cannot change what happens to the past, especially since old Ben is alive and on the other island?????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Wow what a show..I thought Sayid was going to get tortured but instead William Sanders (famous for playing Larry with the two brothers named Darryl on the Newhart Show)comes out with a sugar cube. I guess we didn't torture back in the 70's. So here are some more questions. Is little Ben dead? And if so how does that effect Big Ben? Yes Locke’s where abouts is a good question. How did the Kate, Jack, Sayid and Hurly get sent to a different time period when everyone was on the same plane? How did Sawyer go a week without calling someone a name? What’s Christians role in all of this ? Who is Jacob?

  3. TS: You know tweener Ben only has a flesh wound. Boo!

    CB: See above for my theory on dead lil' Ben. Doc Jensen on www.ew.com/lost has a great theory on why Sun went in another time direction than the others. I share all the rest of your questions!

  4. I'm going to break the mold and leave a serious comment....boring, I know.
    Watching this episode, I realized how incredible of an actor Sayid is (What's his name? Naveen Andrews or something?) That dude is awesome.


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