The Post About Shopping While Starving

I stopped by the Dollar General to pick up some bread to make it through the end of the week. I like going there because the staff are super friendly, you don't have to park 67 spaces away, and the milk is not 1/2 mile away from your parking space. (I'm talking to you Wally-World.)

The mistake I made was going in before I had adequately satisfied my hunger since eating lunch 5 hours earlier. Suddenly, everything looked like gourmet high-end menu items on a shoestring budget. And my salivary glands were telling me I needed it all. And then I saw this:

This was a gentle reminder that if I were to purchase everything in my reusable tote, that my own muffin top would be ready to debut itself just in time for capris and flip flops. So I made the best decision and returned everything but the bread to its rightful place.

Since I made a decision that would positively affect both my financial and physical life, I rewarded myself with these:


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