The Post About Fair Share or Unarmed Robbery

I'm often impulsive when it comes to buying shoes or puchasing a pint of ice cream. However, when it boils down to spending cash in more respectable amounts, I become a sponge for things like pros and cons and testimonials. I can spend months making lists and checking them more than twice before swiping my debit card. And then, even still, I'm googling for every coupon imaginable. For example, I recently chose to stay at a hotel only after knowing it was the safest, served the best waffles and cost the least (By using the promo code for the US Table Tennis Association which saved me $20. What?)

Recently, I've been researching all things hosting for both a work project and my own pursuits of a home on the willd, wild web. Part of gathering intel included my local Books-a-Zillion. Several books had great info, but most was simply a repeat of recommendations I'd already found on the internet. Until I came across 4 suggested providers in one particular text. The book cost $24 and all I really needed was this:

As you can see, I took a photo with Sammy the Samsung (I didn't have a pen.) Was this a poor choice? I'm guessing by the way I shoved my camera phone in the cushion of the seat when the teenager in a book apron rounded the corner, that I may have done something of which heaven would not approve.

Condemnation? Absolution?


  1. Rest assured. Obama would approve. You were doing your part to stick it to a rich CEO who is making too much money. That's OK though. The people who print, bind, box, ship, and sell books are probably making too much also. And so is the teenager at Books a Zillion. Stick it to the man J. Stick it to the man.

  2. Books a Zillion sucks anyway.

    Even if they are now going to group you into the same category as the women who come in and unwrap the cookbooks then begin copying the recipes into a notebook.

  3. J: You're awfully WASPy to be so hateful.
    S: I'm sad I've been labeled.

  4. Nah, I'd be willing to bet that all four of those companies paid to have their names listed right there.

    For hosting, I'd recommend either:

    1and1.com (very cheap, good enough for me, my blog, and pretty much everybody I work with) But a call to tech support = a call to india or somewhere else way outside of the usa.


    dreamhost.com. I've never used them, but they come highly, highly recommended for customer service. They're slightly more each month...but...still pretty affordable.

    And if you pay more than 6 dollars a month for web hosting, you're paying too much...

  5. Two other comments:
    1) Be sure to host on a linux server, not a Microsoft Server. I'm sure you'll probably want to blog on Wordpress and you can't do that with an MS Server.

    2) I checked out the hosts in that picture...they're garbage. Overpriced, and NOT popular. You should go back to the bookstore and light that book on fire--do everyone a favor.

  6. Dear My Friend The Thief:

    I'm glad to know that you've posted your stolen material online so now others may enjoy your booty (in a pirate sense, not a Beyonce sense).

    Also, I'd like to point out that you not only need to pay Books-A-Zillion for the material you confiscated, you now need to pay Scott Crews for his expertise and consultation.

    And you should pay me just because I'm awesome.


  7. Scott: Great advice! I went with Dreamhost...
    C: Your check is in the mail.


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