The Post About The Rabbit Recommends v.11

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. Earlier volumes can be found here.


I love Dooce's
blog, so I thought I might like her book, It Sucked and Then I Cried. Understatement. Dooce (aka Heather B. Armstrong) wrote this tale about having a baby and the quick-to-follow depression - which I assume would happen to me. Here's a quick excerpt: "My parents were worried that I'd end up a bitter spinster covered in cat hair because I inherited many of the annoying qualities of their own brothers and sisters. I can be loud and say inappropriate things, I will always laugh at a fart joke, and I often don't look in a mirror before I leave the house. But I am most like my aunts and uncles in that I have to take a lot of medication to prevent myself from throwing rocks at people." I consider myself an elitist when it comes to funny. This is the Ivy League.


Yes, Netflix. I WILL come back for only $4.99 a month. What did you say? I could upgrade for just pennies more? Okay. That's the short version of why solicitation emails and late night infomercials were created. It's lucky I go to bed before midnight or I'd be living in the box my Ab Rocket was delivered in. The good thing about Netflix is you see some things you might not otherwise choose to see. I really loved Changeling. I couldn't figure out why it's rated R until I encountered Angelina Jolie's birthday suit while she was being hosed down at an insane asylum. Be informed.


I loved Jason Mraz's music as soon as I heard this song, Curbside Prophet. And my love hasn't faded. You can download my favoritist live and acoustic ear candy from him
here. Jason also shares his thoughts on his own blog. (notice how we're on a first name basis.) My friend Sam will appreciate this musical praise since she thinks she is Mrs. Mraz.


  1. While I don't know anything about Dooce, your recommendations bring 3 other thoughts to mind.
    1) apparently I need to take some negotiating lessons from you. Netflix is getting $18+ of my hard earned money every month. Did you promise them your firstborn? 2) I've got Changeling on my netflix list. I knew Clint Eastwood directed it and it sounded like an interesting story. Now I'm convinced I better not watch it because I might spend the whole time thinking about the upcoming aslyum scene. 3) Mraz is awesome, but some of his songs aren't exactly kid friendly. Contrary to what I told Ethan, when mraz sings about a butterfly he is not singing about "the very hungry catapillar".

  2. My husband is coming to see me on May 1st!

    (Maybe I should be put into an asylum. . . or given some type of medication).

  3. how in the world do you have all the time in the world to write such baaaaallin blogs that facinate me and have clicks that go to other links which also facinate me.. actually i think you facinate me.. :)

  4. Sh: Netflix doesn't like to breakup. Just try and see what happens.
    Sa: Meds may only enhance your love for him
    TS: I agree with you agreeing with me!
    CM: I fascinate myself at times. Blogging is a nice hobby as opposed to working out or hiking up something tall.


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