The Post About Fries with That

I've already written that the economy is in the crapper. I've also written that despite this fact, I will continue supporting Chick-Fil-A during these tough times (everybody deserves a helping hand.) I planned my errands last night around the fact that I had a coupon for a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich tucked away in my wallet. A dilemma presented itself when deciding on a side item. You see, I haven't had a french fry in 72 days (a commitment I continually regret.) This rehabilitation effort puts a dent in my picks for the combo side dish. At Chick-Fil-A, your choices are side salad, soup, or fruit cup. Since I was driving, it would seem I was left with one option:

Was this a poor decision? The US Postal Service took a stance on the issue. This was waiting in my mailbox:

The mailing label indicates I have a one year subscription. I didn't buy it. One of the lead articles suggests to add more fruit to your diet.

No need to yell.

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  1. Jamie,

    Funny, someone taking a picture with one hand of an icecream cone in the other ran me off the road. Just kidding.. The icecream does look good..I miss fries also, along with bread, pasta and anything else loaded with carbs. BTW whats up with "LOST" making us wait 2 weeks for the Kate/Jack/Sawyer reunion?


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