The Post About Hooter Hider

I'm in the middle of a whirlwind tour down Emory lane as I take road trips to see both of my college roommates. Angie and Jennifer were, are, and always will be two of my favorite people. For no other reason than they both make me laugh. Like stop-what-you-were-doing-so-you-check-and-see-if-something-fell-out-of-you laugh. (There's about 7 people I know personally who are on that list - a post for another day.)

Jennifer has just given birth to her second child in 13 months (talk about commitment) and Angie is currently knocked up (by her husband) with her first little one. And that child is sure to be the sassiest, because it will be half Caucasian and half Thai. Yay for caucasianasian babies! Biracial ALWAYS trumps Uniracial. Always.

However, Jen's oldest - Christina - is quite a looker (despite her lack of genetic diversity):

Earlier this week, when I knocked on Jen's door in Florida - she greeted me with 2-week-old Elizabeth attached to her breast. Now normally, I might need to look away from the headlights, but they were covered with a contraption called a "Hooter Hider." The quintessential example of naming your product based on its purpose. Since I decided it was better to avoid a photoshoot of Jen wearing her feeding aid, I give you this generic woman on a park bench wearing hers:

It's really phenomenal - baby stays cozy in the dark with a nice entree while the rest of us are left unsubjected to the boobies. And some men might say that's a loss but remember, an infant is latched on - not so sexy.

The one thing diverse about both of Jen's girls is their spiritual heritage. Jen is a Southern Baptist and her husband, Stephen, is Catholic. Do you know what you get when you mix the two?



  1. Hooter Hider or no, it's still awkward.

  2. There you go again.

  3. As a Southern Baptist married to a former Catholic who did a stint as an agnostic, I must tell you how funny this post is! Also, we are the proud parents of two uniracial children and they are pretty cute. Pale as anything, but cute. :)

  4. LOL! Caucasianasian! Hey that's me too!


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