The Post About What I've Been Inhaling


3 days later:
I haven't baked or been tempted by the Starburst, but the eggs have taken a serious hit.

(Note the photo quality is point & shoot versus Sammy the Blackjack II. He has many other redeeming qualities besides his washed out view of the world. SLR is coming.)


  1. Here's an idea for the flour. Prepare a batter of milk and flour and deep fry the Reeces Eggs. That way you are at least getting a little flour into your diet.

  2. How did the flour get so white? I love those eggs. I agree with Joseph..Fry the eggs then roll them in powered sugar.. Make sure you freeze them before putting them in the grease ;-)

  3. I disagree with both of the previous comments. Why mess with something so close to perfection?

  4. I agree with Sam - I think the grainy, but grand peanut butter would not survive the deep fryer.

    I will choose to bake, although trust me, I am not lacking flour in my diet.

  5. The same things has happened with me with Cadbury Cream Eggs...Once I started seeing the commercials, it was all downhill from there...

  6. In past years, those have been my favorite also. I tried one the other day and I though it was to sweet! :(

  7. That's why I don't put pictures of my kitchen. Otherwise you would see the plethora of fruits and vegetables but the almost-eaten bag of potato chips.


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