The Post About Worse than Green Ketchup

I have a few coworkers who work from home, including my boss. The idea was pitched that I might consider following suit and I immediately started shaking my head with confidence that there had never been a worse idea in the history of ideas (including slavery and Crystal Pepsi).

Here's the shortlist of reasons why:
  1. Easy access to a value pack of 100 frozen waffles.
  2. Talk shows.
  3. The nap after talk shows.
  4. No clear rationalization for vast array of handbags and shoes.
  5. Lizards.
  6. My obsession with creating the perfect playlist.
  7. I can lie down anywhere in the "office" and no one will know.
  8. Youtube.
  9. Very clear rationalization for vast array of pajama bottoms.
  10. Bathing moves quickly off my priority list.

Why would it be a bad idea for you to work from home?


  1. 1. Billy
    2. James Robert
    3. Billy and James Robert screaming over the same stuff.
    4. I could conceivably go 1 week without a bath and therefore a change of underwear.
    5. I am afaid Kara and I would not get along if we spent that much time together. She is not as laid back as I. And she would eventually complain about the smell.
    6. The View, Rachel Ray, The Food Network, Ellen, and other stuff that I am sure is good.
    It would be a bad idea for me to work from home. I would need a separate place off of the main house. It would be nice to wake up and go to work when the sun was up. Waking up and it still being dark makes me feel as if I have not slept at all.

  2. To put it simply - it would be a bad idea for me to work from home because, I wouldn't.

    Plus, I've been without a job for a nice few months and sitting in this place day after day drives me crazy and makes me fat.

    Sidenote: I have a job interview Friday! It's nothing huge - but hey, it's money. Pray for me =)

  3. Joseph-I forget to eat when I'm keeping your boys, so I understand the sentiment.

    Sam-money is always a bonus and then you can buy pills to help with the fat.

  4. I couldn't work from home because my boss would see my next video blog of me sleeping and he might get a little suspicious.

  5. This could also be called "A short list of resaons why I'm still single..."

  6. I love working from home, but I go weeks without ever turning the TV on...even at night and on the weekends. I have never had a lizard in the house....well never one that you could just kill or throw outside.I don't care for waffles, but the easy access to chocolate is my biggest downfall of working from home.

  7. Anonymous,
    Is this the same dude that wrote "Primary Colours."? If so you should marry Jamie soon.

  8. Ha! Yes, when I started working from home #10 became a reality...and Lyndsay did not respond well. We've set some limits in place and I'm now doing much better :).

    So far I still "appear" at all the video conferences...though I can see the day on the horizon where I just tape a picture of myself in front of the camera and let that be my video presence.


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