The Post About 1954: Fonzie Times

This post is audience-specific. The following are my reactions to tonight's Lost episode "The Variable." My friend Caryann suggested I clarify that by "reactions" I mean these are the things I said outloud in my living room while I watched the show alone.

**Creepy....Mrs. Faraday. Apparently, mother and son aren't on the same page.
**Hi lil' Daniel rain man.
**Quote Break: Daniel - "I'm from the future."
**I think the hair stylists on this show have given up hope.
**Quote Break: Sawyer (to Daniel)- "Welcome to the meeting twitchy."
**Don't flirt with freckles when the car mechanic is sitting so close.
**When Daniel is talking to Charlotte, it seems like he should be offering her candy outside his creeper van.
**Time travel makes my brain hurt. Even when they explain it.
**Quote Break: "I just got shot by a physicist."
**SHUT UP!!!!! More Daddy issues. No surprise there.
**NO!!!! I just got you back.

Jack gets to be hero. As it should be.

Henry Ian Cusick, the actor who plays Desmond, is being sued by an ABC employee for sexual harassment. He also played Jesus in the Gospel of John. FYI Henry: Jesus does not make it to second base.


  1. good blog..Glad to hear Sawyer using his nicknames again..Speaking of Sawyer he will be on Jimmie Kimmel along with Charlie, tonight..get you DVR's ready

  2. Thank you for the heads up on Kimmel - it even had JJ Abrams who is one of the creators of Lost :) Not enough Lost...

  3. AJ had told me that Wed. morning that Daniel was going to die(he is a dork about LOST)...I was going to tell you, but I didn't want to ruin it (see I am doing better on keeping my mouth shut)

  4. TS: I have tried to stay spoiler-free this season for the first time ever... Thank you for being so disciplined :)

  5. Anything Hurley says should be an automatic quote break. For example, "Your mother is an other?"

  6. I was wrong..Sawyer was not on Jimmie Kimmel..But I did enjoy the little skit they did together..Yeah I didn't see how Daniel was just gonna barge into the others camp with a gun and expect not to get shot.


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