The Post About Remembering Rotary Phones

At this very moment, I'm 33 years old. This is not as young as it used to be.

Exhibit A:
When any website requests my birthdate, I now have to scroll to get to the birth year of 1975. When did that happen? When did the universe start allowing people born in the 1980's to subscribe to e-newsletters and apply for credit cards? Aren't they a little young to be doing such grown up things?

Exhibit 2:
In my blogging e-class, we are winding up our studies and chatting about ways to stay in touch. Someone suggested the forum called "20-something Bloggers." What? I'm not the right age for the cool blogging lunch table? Is that me in the corner with bottled nose glasses and a fresh perm just trying to fit in the forum?

Exhibit Last:
I have now been driving more years than I have not been driving.

Are you feeling geriatric too?


  1. Well, I may or may not be 3 years older than you. I remember when I first experienced the internet...IN COLLEGE! *sigh*

    I looked at the 20 something bloggers and thought I should start 30 something bloggers but mine would be inclusive. nah nah na boo boo, take that 20 somethings!

  2. This is the last thing that made me feel old: I saw the commercial that says that LOST has been on for 5 years. I was in freshly out of the 11th grade the first time I watched LOST and it had been on for one season. I don't know why, but that made me feel incredibly old. And I know this is only the beginning of feeling old. I turn 20 in 17 days! :)

  3. See Jamie? Don't feel bad - Kristi Manning feels ancient and you only have 13 years on her.

    I'm going to a Jonas Brothers concert on my 21st birthday in a few months. I'm working on staying as young as possible for as long as possible.

  4. One of the students mentioned last night that she was going to the Warped Tour in Atlanta. She then said that I did not know what the warped tour was. When I said that I indeed did know what the Warped Tour was she called me a liar. I then told her the cave that I live in has a TV. I have students in my ministry that were born after I graduated from high school. But at least I am not as old as Kristi.

  5. P: I too can remember searching Google for something like "music" and getting less than 1,000 hits.

    K: Ahh...to be 20 and old again.

    S: "Staying young" will eventually turn into being a cougar. Fine line.

    J: You're hip. Or maybe need a new hip. One or the other.

  6. You forgot Exhibit 4: Your bad knees. (And by the way..you were 33and a HALF at that exact moment.)

  7. Sheesh...I'm glad I'm not as OLD as you people!!! :-)

  8. No kidding - I am still shocked that there are people born after 1985 that can drink already! At least I have been driving LESS years than I have not(uh by 1.5yrs...) so at least I'm not as ancient as you! I feel better now!

  9. C: Touche. Only others who are 33 would likely include the half.

    MR: You are probably much younger at heart than me :)

    A: I'm more than willing to be used as a comparison in order to bring a little happy into your day!

  10. Ouch! 20 something bloggers- I am in the e-class too and yes I am feeling very geriatric with my back-ache and my babysitter who doesnt' even know what a rotary phone is!

  11. My parents still use their rotary phones...I remember taping Solid Gold on our BetaMax, and I remember life before the microwave. AND I'm younger than you, Jamie :o) :o)

  12. I now have tendonitis in both arms and my right foot. The doctor says that I just have "a little" arthritis in my hand.
    I remember rotary phones, not having a cell phone until I left for Tuscaloosa (and it was Mom's, not mine), not having a computer until I married Joseph in 1999 (that's when what's his is mine and what's mine is mine happened!), and being amazed at fax machines! I, too, still think that those who were born in the 80's are much too young to be married, drink, and definitely too young to be my mother's boss. I've really begun to notice that even though I keep getting older every year, the youth in our youth group tend to be the same age each fall: 12-18. But thanks to some awesome genes, I still look like I'm in my 20s and I intend to try to keep it that way for a very, very long time - even if Joseph looks like an old man. Happy Day!

  13. H: It's all about the aches. I ache too.

    J: I'm impressed your parents are clinging to the rotary. My ADD would have to throw it against the wall before the #9 made it back to start.

    KK: I have my Dad's genes so white hair and skin cancer. Great.

  14. What makes me feel old is when one of my students tell me that I taught thier parents.

  15. I spent time with my brother and some kids I used to babysit. One went to grab a beer and I about fell over when she explained that yes, she IS old enough. OLD.

  16. T: Ugh - yet another tragic consequence of being a teacher. In addition to the food.

    AJAT: At least you're not getting older. Right?

  17. I'm the same age as you, Jamie. I remember all those things too. And I remember tv before cable was available in our area. My kids can hardly believe it!

  18. O: I heard a great thing the other day that this generation coming up will never lose track of their childhood friends, like we did... Fascinating!


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