The Post About This Little Sick Piggy

It's always nice to have someone to blame in times like these.

Thank you to my friend Jill for this great email picture.

The Centers of Disease Control offer these tips to prevent the spread of the flu:
  • Wash your hands. (Check)
  • Get plenty of sleep. (Check)
  • Try to stay in good general health. (Umm...)
  • Be physically active. (I walk to the copier a lot.)
  • Manage your stress. (Were you talking to me?)
  • Drink plenty of fluids. (Coffee is a fluid, right?)
  • Eat nutritious food. (If it's deep fried in peanut oil, then I think it qualifies.)
  • Try not touch surfaces that may be contaminated with the flu virus. (Like people's noses or mouths.)
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick. (STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK!)
You can learn more about the Swine Flu & You at the CDC's website.

How did you do on that checklist? Did you score as high as me?


  1. I could have sworn that George Bush was resposible for this. You know, when he wasn't controlling the weather and destroying New Orleans.

  2. J: I'm glad we can agree on something.

  3. I think this came form all the pork that was included in the stimulus package, it’s finally starting to spoil and get diseased . Speaking of G.W or “43” as Dad likes to call him, I heard the other day that he was finally told what the true meaning of “water boarding” was. Up until then he thought they were talking about “wake boarding” and said “41” use to pull us behind our boat on a water board all the time when we were kids. I think it fun! Ok enough with the corny jokes..Good post! But on the serious side I do think we need to break out the hand sanitizer and be more careful.

  4. That's the ickiest picture ever.

  5. Good work - now Googles got Swine Flu ads on your blog...haha!

  6. C: I love a good sense of humor about politics!

    K: I know, right?

    A: That was my master plan - strangest ads possible :)

  7. I kinda like that photo. :) This is good information...it did cross my mind to have a post to share on some information about swine flu. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


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