The Post About Nurturing with Food

My Mom is great. I could laundry list all the reasons why, but I'll stick to #4.

4. She nurtures our family with incredible food. Not just fun and fancy dishes, but hot dogs rolled up in crescent rolls with sliced cheese. And no one makes better pancakes. She would drop-kick Bobbly Flay back to Bar Americain with her flapjacks.

So today, I tried to love on her with food. And we both enjoy a good salad.

This is an attempt at the Baby Bleu salad sold at Franklin's Homewood Gourmet (a must-stop when you are traveling through Birmingham, Alabama). You can find the recipe here.

Then, I loved on her with stuff. We both enjoy good stuff.

This is the Matryoshka Measuring Cups from Anthropologie. This was a great recommendation from The Pioneer Woman.

You are right. They are adorable.

What about your Mom makes her lovable?

(images: Jamie)

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