The Post About J-A-M-I-E

I have a huge crush on my name.

(This hangs in my office.)

It began when my Dad would yell it from the back porch to get me to return from my woodland adventures. That sound always meant a nap or PB&J - things I still covet to this day.

My older brother actually named me. He was a big fan of the bionic woman, Jaime Sommers, and he was the firstborn - you know the rest... However, my parents went with the traditional boy spelling of the name. Jamie Sommers is apparently a well-known adult film "actress." Mom? Do you care to comment?

Because I love my moniker so much, my recent giveaway win from
Sweet Pumpkin Noodle was extra special. Ana Stella, the maker of beautiful stationery, provided me with this divine set of notecards.

The crush continues.

What's the origin of your name? I love a good backstory.

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  1. I am named after my dad and grandfather. Tammy from Thomas (Dad) and Renee from Roy (Grandfather).
    I guess it was as close as they could get.
    Mana is named after her grandmothers. Lamana from my Mom and Elizabeth from her Dad's Mom. I have heard that Lamana came from a romance novel but my grandmother will not admit that.

  2. I really have no idea. I think they just pulled it out of the sky.

    My Dad wanted to name me Jimmie, girl of boy. I think he had a crush on his name too.

    Everyone I've ever heard of or met with my name, same spelling, is Asian.

  3. "Joseph": From the original Hebrew for awesome.
    Named after my great-grandfather. He was 45 and married a fifteen year old. This was the early 1900's in rural Bibb County. Don't judge. They begat Daniel Mabry. Daniel Mabry begat William Henry. William Henry begat Joseph William II. Joseph William II begat Joseph William III and James Robert Esquire.
    A whole lot of begatting going on.

  4. My mother wanted to name me Arabella - but my father said. . 'uh, no.' So instead, I was named after Elizabeth Montgomery's character in Bewitched.

    I get asked if I can wiggle my nose a lot. You would probably be surprised.

    Jo was the name of Grandfather, the middle name of my Grandmother - and my Aunt - and a handful of other people.

  5. Sam,
    It would be awesome if your mother's middle name were Jo. Then she really would be Jo Momma.
    About to pass out from how funny I am!

  6. As you know from my blog info, I am not particularly fond of my name. To me, it has no glamour and no air of mystery or intrigue.

    I am Italian, but have the form of a Spanish name, Benita. Bonita means beautiful in Spanish.

    In Italian families (and I'm sure others as well), the first born female is named after the paternal grandmother. My grandmother's name was Benarda, Bena for short. My mother was supposed to name me Bena (yuck and pooey). Since there were already too many other females on my dad's side of the family named Bena, she decided to deviate. Where she came up with Benita is beyond me...maybe it was the day she decided to try acid, I'm not really sure, but here I am with an unusual, not so intriguing or mysterious name!

  7. Wow, you got them fast! They look great-enjoy!

  8. Well my full name is Melanie Diane Carroll-Cox. Originally, I was supposed to be named Rebecca. The name is lovely except it does not fit me at all. So, instead, one night my dad was obviously in deep thought and came up with the name Melanie just a few weeks before I was born. Diane came from absolutely no where...it just went with Melanie.

    For a long time I did not like my name but, as I have grown older I have learned to appreciate it. Now...on the other hand...Diane...I still really don't love that. So - when I got married I dropped my middle name and used my maiden name. So now I am officially Melanie Carroll Cox

  9. All: Thank you for sharing these enlightening and sometimes comical background stories - I'm not the only one with an interesting history!

    Jackie: Thank you again for underwriting my name "crush!"

  10. My name means Son of a Western Meadow Reign Maker.

  11. "Jamie" is one of my favorite Weezer songs and one of the only songs I can play on the guitar!

  12. B: This does not surprise me.

    C: We should break bread with friends and you could play it.

  13. I... don't know how to take that.

  14. Charlie's Angels. I wish it were a better story, but my folks could not agree on a name, but they both liked Charlie's Angels, and they both liked Jaclyn Smith the best. I'm glad they went with Kelly and not Jaclyn (although I would definitely have been the only one in my class.)

  15. My name is unusual to say the least. Kindyll Sorrell. Both names I heard are from producers last names that mom or my aunt saw scrolling across the screen one day. Aunt Peggy thought of the spelling of Kindyll. I was the only one in my entire school until college. I hear about other Kindyll's now but they are not spelled the same.


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