The Post About Ten {Places} on Tuesday

...places I would constantly spend my money if I weren't fiscally disciplined and responsible:
  1. Banana Republic: Dresses, handbags, and shoes, oh my.
  2. Anthropologie: The clothes are pretty, but I'm more interested in dressing my house.
  3. Studio One Twelve: Professional haircut and color every 5 weeks. (I currently keep the color to every 12 weeks because I care about the economy)
  4. Franklin Covey: I would buy the Jean Chatsky collection to feel better about the obscene amount of cash I would drop.
  5. Pottery Barn: Pick a page in the catalog. Any page.
  6. Spa One Nighteen: Remove it, exfoliate it, and place hot rocks on it. Every fourteen days.
  7. Barnes and Noble: No longer sippin' on a $3 coffee and reading the bounty in the cafe. Everybody's going home with me.
  8. 1-800-Flowers: These, and others like them, would be delivered weekly by the hands of an attractive UPS man.
  9. Sephora: Hi, Dior Mascara. Welcome to my makeup bag. Get to lengthening.
  10. Home Depot: Hi, contract laborers. Welcome to my house. Get to installing.
Imagine you are a bad steward of your money - where are you & your wallet headed?
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  1. Borders, Best Buy, Airline & Hotel (pick any to any destination - I'd go!), Ann Taylor Loft, New York & Company, and so many others! If I let myself go, I'd be a horrible steward of my money...

  2. "...if I weren't fiscally disciplined and responsible..." Huh? I don't get it.

  3. Ch: I love Ann Taylor too - great minds...

    Ca: Stick it.

  4. All of my money would go into the bookstore - and then coffee would get included due to an unfortunate convenience.

  5. My wallet and I would be headed to Angie's List to find some remodelers to call...and probably stopping at Anthropologie at some point...

  6. Ditto on Anthropologie! This store has dressed my homes (my current home in Warrior and the summer cottage in Forestdale) many, many times.

    B&H Photo AND Wolf Camera.

    Any bookstore, just pick one, and I will spend money there.

    Flea markets - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE flea markets. These places have dressed my home and my table in the latest styles (and vintage) several times over.

  7. S: That would be an unfortunate convenience.

    A: You would just HAVE to stop there once you had a remodeled anything.

    MR: Your summer home is definitely an Anthro-house.


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