The Post About Finding My Endless Love

I met someone this weekend.

He's dark, short, and handsome. And I have him in the palm of my hand.
I waited for love like this long enough.

We will be together for at least two years or until I'm eligible for an upgrade.

You can listen here to my radio conversation with Cari & Dale waxing romantically about my new love. I apologize for the giddy. (It's about 2.5 mins)

If you'd like to recommend a great app for me to download or a good therapist for me to see, please comment below.


  1. Glad you have found happiness with your iphone - I will soon be losing my husband to one since his work agreed to switch out his blackberry...

  2. A life. Do they have an app for that?

  3. I get my boyfriend's old one when e upgrades, and I can't wait! There's a really fun game that's free called Unblock Me that I'm currently obsessed with. Check it out for sure. Enjoy your Iphone!

  4. Ruh roh. You're turning into a pod person.

  5. A: I hope the marriage was a happy one while it lasted.

    J: I will not verbally assault you since that was funny.

    jat: Unblock me is now on my phone. I look forward to the addiction.

    S: Is that really that bad?

  6. I'm practicing patience since I am the quintessential Mac fan and I have not gotten an iphone so as not to leave Verizon. I hear that an iPhone for Verizon is in the works. Looks like I'll be able to have my cake AND eat it too ... despite what "they" say.

    BTW, I couldn't get the banter with Cari and Dale to play.

  7. So funny - I just checked chasing rabbits and saw u were asking for apps ! So instead of waiting until tomorrow I will tell you now... Wait ! Maybe I should wait- are you going to have a best app contest ... Oh well- it's called...
    you take pictures of book covers with your iPhone( have you named your new love yet?)
    then your iPhone will tell you where to buy the book and prices...
    Crazy, right?!
    But you do know about shazzam and what's on- wait- you don't need that- you're rich and have TiVo !!!
    Happy app hunting!!!

  8. MD: I'm impressed with your patience - there will most surely be a reward. I think I fixed the problem, but keep me posted!

    P: Umm...Snaptell sounds lovely - I shall own it. I am rich. Don't forget it.

  9. NO!!!!! He was MINE first.....you stold my true love from me (unless he is a twin or clone....) 3Gs IS THE BEST....sorry Shawn et. all.....

  10. Jamie,

    I posted this list on Shawns site as well. I also have a link to go to if you want to tether your ipod..enjoy

    Handy apps

    Ebay (check on your auctions, searh..ect)

    MySpace( update status, comment, see photos and blogs without the backgrounds and pop ups)

    Ifood (gives recipes cal count and where to buy ingredients)

    Urban spoon (Finds local restaurants according to price and type food)

    Around Me (tells you where the closet gas station, coffee house..ect)

    Snap Tell (take a picture of a book, DVD, cd and it will find it on the internet and let you know where to buy it)

    Flashlight (good tool for power outages)

    Restaurants (list most popular restaurants, lets you know where located and gives nutrition info for menu)

    Lose it! (good weight loss tool, tracks progress, exercise and diet)

    Night Stand ( Cool app acts as an old school alarm clock)


    Ibowl (just like the wii bowling, make sure to keep a good grip on your phone though)

    Space Ace (Just like the arcade)

    Flight control (Be an air traffic controller)

    Galaga (just like the arcade)

    Pac Man

    LED Football2 (classic old school handheld football game)

    PingPong (very cool ping pong sim)


    Flixster ( tells you what’s playing at your local rave/ drive in, Give reviews and play trailers)

    Eonline (plays clips from your favorite E shows like the Soup)

    Shazam (will listen to a song and give you the artist and title and even send you to you tube or Itunes to buy it)

    iTV (tells whats on tv)


    Kindle (good book reader from amazon, a lot of free book out there too)

    Classics ( classic books like Huck Finn, Alice in wonderland, treasure island..all at your fingertips)

    Shakespeare (All of his plays in one app!)

    Photo fun

    Photogene (lets you cut, edit, frame and add text to your pics..great app!)

    Frames (have fun with your pics, add backrounds, props and more)

  11. Get Solitaire too...very handy when you can't fall asleep.

  12. Oh I am sooo App Happy! but only if they are free:)

    My favs would be Happy Tapper, Magic 8 Ball, and ipity (great quotes from MR-T)

  13. I'm with Meredith...I prefer Verizon (as it is superior) and I can't hear the audio.

  14. D: I am willing to share my boyfriend with the world since he is that great.

    CB: Whoa. Impressive list.

    B: Good call...that's what I did last night was lullaby to Texas Hold 'Em.

    H: Umm...I heart the 8 ball AND Mr. T! I will write that in my gratitude journal.

    C: Boo.


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