The Post About Hot and Bothered

Three things this week that bothered me:

1. The heat index in my Southern abode has been in the 100's. I'm not a sweat-er in general, but on Wednesday, my cheeks were actually perspiring. This is probably the reason I was unable to pick up a beau-friend at Publix. Dripping blush. Weather is hard.

2. I purchased items at a store that totaled $11.26. I handed the cashier a ten and two ones. Then I said "Wait, I have a penny." He looked at me with condescension and said, "Uhh...you gave me enough." Math is hard.

3. I was standing in line behind a woman who had just come back from vacation and was sharing on the phone about how proud she was of her tan. She had clearly worn a halter bathing suit, but was now sporting a spaghetti strap summer dress. Dress was lovely. Tan lines were embarassing. Being white trash is hard.

What bothers you?


  1. Ha! This is funny.

    I found you through the AL Bloggers site.

  2. you know what's bothering me this week? jerky HR people who don't call you back just because you mention the word lawyer in a voice message...haha

  3. Great post! I found you by way of Alabama Blogger and if all of your rabbit trails are this funny, I'll be stopping by regularly.

  4. It bothers me that you post about your butt-sweat on your blog. Single.

  5. Seriously - the heat has been bothering me more than it has EVER bothered me before, and I have no clue why. I find it bothersome. botheringly bothersome.

    And I had a grocery store bother too this week - I went to the 10 items or less line at Publix, and of course there was a very hip girl in front of me with a full buggy-load. It was my best option, so I stayed, and waited begrudgingly as it too her FOREVER to unload her whole buggyload. Then, as she put the last item up, she squeezed past me and said, "I'll be right back - I forgot the ice cream!".

    Seriously. Read the signs, people.

  6. S: Welcome to the chase!

    A: HR peeps can be so sensitive :)

    H@TCS: Thanks! I make no hilarity guarantee!

    C: I will be choosing the high road on this one.

    R: I'm with you. I want to sometimes take a Bic lighter and light those folks on fire.

    EN&$: I will embrace each of those "very's." Thank you!

  7. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one who gets those funny looks when I try to give Good Change. Just type that number you think is funny into your register and watch. I'll wait. And they're always amazed.

  8. KO: You are too right about the look of astonishment that's almost always guaranteed!


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