The Post About It's An Honor to Be Nominated

Me? Really? You shouldn't have... (acts dainty and humble...)

Some of you might be asking: "How is this possible? This blog isn't even coherent."

I didn't promise you a rose garden.

But sometimes I make you grin, no? Roll your eyes in disbelief?

I'll take what I can get.

Would you be willing to show a little
voting love? It will come back to you tenfold. Or not. That may just be my persuasive fingers typing. Did I mention you could vote once a day from each email address? I didn't? Well...
Still not convinced? Here's a taste of my hilarity:

Q: What bees make the best milk?
A: sǝǝq-ooq

You're welcome.

P.S. My blog name "Jamie's Rabbits" is missing half the time from the voting page, along with several other blogs. But your cursor will reveal my mini-me in all its glory...


  1. I could NEVER get tired of reading your blogs and for someone with the kind of attention span I have...that's saying ALOT! :-)

  2. ...I just voted too! And lucky for you Jamie I have 2 computers (so I don't have to wait 30 minutes in between like their pop up message says) and I have 3 e-mail addresses and Ben has 2!! :-)

  3. B: Thank you!

    TAF: Too kind, friend! I love an agressive voter - thank you!

  4. I tried to vote, but couldn't find you!

  5. TS: The website doesn't seem to always like the apostrophe in my blog title. I'm on the third row and if you move your cursor over the one without a name you should see a little thumbnail of my site pop up...

  6. C: Thank you for the voting affection!

  7. You have a crapload of votes - mine included! You are so beating out The Wind In My Vagina.

  8. You're such a sicko =) A hilarious sicko.

  9. Just voted again! Keep reminding us!
    Although if you win you must promise to actually show us some live rabbits!!!!

  10. MWIGUC: Thank you! Who knew I could have that effect on you...

    S: I will take that twisted love for the win.

    A: I GARE-UHN-TEE my readers live rabbits if I make it into the top five. I'm an underachiever like that.


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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