The Post About It's My Ball Now, You Punks

I've heard my parents talk about how controversial Elvis Presley was when he first came on the scene because of his crazy "obscene" dancing.

Pelvic Thrusting + 1950's = Outrage.

There's hooplah in every generation. I remember tossing my training bra at a little band of Boston boys who convinced me if I had the right stuff, then it would only take three times to hook a man. And clearly, it was wise advice, because Jonathan's been fishing for guys for years.

Now, we have Flo Rida. He's taken the lovely lil' diddy, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) from 1984 (which was Dead or Alive's pursuit of a hug from a lovely lady) to a song about a girl with obvious daddy issues on a stripper pole. You haven't heard of it, Mom? It was #1 on the charts for 6 weeks straight.

When I hear most rap music, I want to stand on my porch and yell at the neighbor kids to get off of my property.

Am I that old or is the music that bad?


  1. I love Rap music! I love to hear the “N” word and “MF” repeated over and over, I love to hear about killing the police or slapping a “ho” around or worse! I love to hear about robbing and stealing to get what we want. I love the fact that Rap says you have to drive a Lexus, drink Cristal and Dom Perignon to be successful. I love how Rap teaches us to treat women. Rap is so awesome that people will leave their windows down when it 100 degrees outside just so we can hear it when they drive by. That’s why I love going to Wal-Mart! Everyday I and can go there for a dose of second hand smoke at the front door and hear a good 30 seconds of the latest Hip Hop track in the parking lot. Most Rap in my opinion is crap. It does nothing for the people its tries to reach. Now don’t get me wrong there is a lot of good R&B music out their and some of the “ old school” rap like LL Cool J, Will Smith, Sugar hill gang that is pretty good. But this new “Gangsta” stuff is garbage and it’s no wonder that a lot of these so called “artist” end up in jail or dead. Good post!

  2. I am pretty sure that Dead or Alive are fishing in the same pond for the same fish.

    I saw Lil' Wayne on the Grammys last year and I was pretty sure he was retarded. And yet he makes money.

    But remember rappers need hugs too.

  3. CB: Tell us how you really feel :)

    J: You're such a dichotomy of emotion.

  4. Both. You are old, and the music is bad.

  5. We're old.

    Did you try watching the MTV Movie awards, by any chance? I caught myself saying, "Who?" over & over. Then they kept showing their own commercial for a block of shows that were premiering, and the tagline was, "It's The Jizz." I was disgusted.


  6. The music is just bad. They were playing something overnight at the Relay for Life and there were people doing some weird dance and I felt very old.

    I wanted to see those boys from Boston in the worst possible way on the reunion tour too. I think I might injure someone with the bra-swinging at this age though... those lunchlady hooks are a beyotch.

  7. KP: I knew it.

    MWIGU: I did watch them and I knew more than I should which is still bad since their target demo is 18-25. Now I'm an old woman who's creepy.

    KO: This comment made me snicker.


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