The Post About Ten {Necessities} on Tuesday

Ten things I need everyday: (the first 10 can be found here)

1. Caffeine: Hi, my name is Jamie and I have adult ADD. There's no better way to chase that prescription than with a cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea or another amphetamine.
2. Elevator: My knees are those of much older woman. I wish it was due to an old cheerleading injury, but... I think my 4 inch heels may be exacerbating the problem, you think?
3. Handbag: A was recently at a party where someone left a brown handbag behind. The hostess assumed it was mine. I was devastated. My shirt and shoes were black. OBVIOUSLY I was carrying a red bag. Brown? Please.
4. Google Reader: I find when you write a blog, you tend to get caught up reading blogs. Of course, 106 may be too many.
5. 30 Second Skip Button: Sometimes I think I miss not seeing commercials on television. And then I remember I don't.
6. Chapstick: I see crusty lips on people and immediately want to become their monthly sponsor through Compassion International. Lip balm is also helpful when your eyebrows go haywire.
7. Dishwasher: Have you ever heard of people who don't rinse their dishes before putting them in the washer? Or folks who leave dishes in there for cycle after cycle hoping they'll eventually get clean? You have now.
8. Slippers: I've always been really judgmental of pushy homeowners who make you ditch your shoes at the door. However, when I think about walking around barefoot in my own house where my shoes have dragged in all types of toxic, I immediately shove my toes in some protection.
9. Celing Fan: I have a vendetta against the power company. Therefore I'm willing to sweat it out to keep an extra 25 cents out of its pocket. Although I think I need to dust the blades between season. Every so often I take a dust bunny to the eye.
10. Eye Drops: I may or may not be sleepwalking and smoking the mary jane in the middle of the night. When I wake up, the bloodshot eyes and Dorito crumbs in the bed are exhibits A and B.


  1. Eh... 106 is nothin'! I read 211 :o)

  2. That's a great list! Mine is 116 :)

  3. IHM: I'm impressed!

    K: Do you feel as overwhelmed with 116 as I am with 106?

  4. Totally with you on #6 - seeing dry lips makes me nuts - those poor people need help! I think I am over 116 - I need serious help...

  5. number 7 and number 9 are SO ME!!! I was laughing reading through the list and then I was saying "mmmm hmmmm, me too!"

  6. So. . . you're underly paranoid about dishwasher-germs but overly-paranoid about floor germs. . .makes sense, I suppose. . .
    Great list! :)

  7. I went to someones blog once and she said she was following 480 blogs. I thought that was ridiculous and now I follow over 200. lol

    Yes I am one of those people who do #7 all the time both not rinsing and leaving them in there. lol

  8. I cannot even tell you how many times I have done #7. Glad I am not the only one! Your list is great.


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