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Summer Tree
This tree taunts me. During the winter, he spews an OBSCENE amount of leaves on my shivering yard. I call the tree people who call my people and we make appointments for timber. I make plans, we plot space, and I anticipate being reintroduced to Vitamin D.

And then something happens. He becomes something more. He's green and lush and showboatin' a canopy of lovely.

I call the tree people who call my people and we agree to wait.


  1. You better not cut down that tree! I love it!

  2. Also I am pretty sure cutting down this tree will increase your carbon footprint. Al Gore would not approve.

  3. K: You're right. Remind me of that when I'm screaming at critters who've built a condo development out of its leaves.

    J: Then I shan't do it. Thank you for keeping me on the enviro straight and narrow!

  4. I must agree - it is a very lovely tree. I do understand about the leaves in the winter (though I have none in my tiny yard - I see how much of a pain they are for my sister and brother in their yard). Just remember his beauty in the summer when you're raking his dead leaves in the winter!

  5. Its hard to say goodbye to a tree! I hate to cut the cord this spring with one of my mine and I miss its lovely shade! Target has Vitamin D gummy vitamins you can get - I'm a fan!

  6. C: I need to write a post-it to remember...

    A: Ooh...yummy gummies - thanks for the tip!


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