The Post About Daddy Issues

I've anticpated the day when the Jerry Springer producer calls to let me know I've been selected for a makeover show. Of course, that's not the topic, is it? No, the real subject matter includes the reveal that my Dad is really just a man who's been living in my house and eating my Mom's deviled eggs.

Why we're not related:
a. He carries cash, owns a checkbook, and has a credit score in the 800's.
b. He believes a dog, Sadie, might be his best investment in a living thing.
c. His fashion includes white sneakers and a dental bridge.

Why we are related:
a. He can nap without warning.
b. He will fight a crossword puzzle to its death, even if it involves rationalized cheating.
c. He thinks bacon is the base of the food pyramid.

Whether it's biological or common-law...he's a keeper.


  1. Bacon, eh? I think it is Pizza...

  2. A: Pizza would be the next level.

  3. At the mention of bacon I had to reread the entire post - due to an unhealthy amount of distraction.

    Dads are funny creatures.

  4. I love your daddy too! And don't forget, he always shows up at your house with power tools and also rescues you from critters (the kind with fur, 4 legs, and 2 mousey ears-yuck!!). We are blessed with our dads, aren't we?


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