The Post About God Bowls and Godson Does Party Tricks

I once heard if you count the seconds between lightning and thunder, you can discover how long it will take for the 100-year old tree to fall on your house and pin you to your duvet. Is that right?

I tried that last night in an attempt to lull myself back to sleep in the storm. I learned that counting seconds instead of sheep is not soothing in the least.

So to perk up my drowsy morning, I took a gander at this*:

I immediately smiled.

And ovulated.

{*video: Jamie, who apologizes for the pronunciation of the word "surprise." She was sittin' near a Magnolia tree and sippin' sweet tea during filming}


  1. I love the way you so surprise! Ha - because, I say it the same way. James Robert is adorable. The mean face was definitely my favorite.

  2. I think I ovulated when I saw him do this also. If ovulated is a euphamism for smile warmly then ovulate I did.

  3. S: It's good to know there are other Steel Magnolias out there.

    J: It is.

  4. Another funny girl from AL! Nice to meet you, clicked over from AL Bloggers, so I look forward to getting to know you too. Wish I was funny. I am not particularly, but do like to laugh. :)


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