The Post About What Your Workspace Says About You

Recently, I was part of a team who hired for a new position at my agency. One of the prospects mentioned in an interview that you can tell a lot about a person by the appearance of his or her office.

Let's see if that's true.
Office Nameplate
I really love my name due to its bionic nature. But you rabbit readers already knew that.

T-Shirt Wall Hanging
My Mom rocks in many ways, but this is her superpower - quilting. When I started this job almost three years ago, she made a lil' officewarming gift comprised of shirts from previous jobs. I'm attracted to 50/50 preshrunk cotton careers.

Candy Jar
This is my third place of employment with a candy stash. This benefit ranks up there with a 401(k) and a covered parking place.

Margaret Mead Quote and Emory Diploma
That smaller frame cost a LOT less, but says MUCH more.

J Notepad
I'm committed to my name, but I'm seeing the letter "J" on the side.

Empty Frames
Why should I include pictures of my friends and family when they will never be as attractive as this couple?

Coffee Mug
There is still a girlie place in my heart for Mary Englebreit. Plus, this isn't a shabby work ethic.

Camp APAC Pillowcase
This pillowcase is a souvenir from the camp I direct serving adoptive families. It's never bad to have some positive affirmations on the wall above your screeching email inbox.

So what would your workspace tell me about you?

{images: Jamie}


  1. You are cracking me up with the picture frame story.

    Your mom has some serious quilting talent! Wow!

  2. I have the Mary Engelbreit Princess of Quite-a-Lot mug at home that I just can't give up! I think I have a book of her too.

    I too have an empty picture frame but there's not even a fake picture in it. I'm just too indecisive to pick a photo for it. It's been about 6 months.

  3. Were you on Survivor? That orange one looks like a Survivor logo...

  4. L: She's quite handy when you've been a bridesmaid 9 times and stand tall at 5'2"

    W&I: I want you to go draw a picture of Jane Austen right now and put it in that frame. Hope to it.

    A: It was a retreat where we "borrowed" their logo. That would be my luck to be on Survivor and only end up with a t-shirt.

  5. My workspace says the following: I LOVE photography (due to the number of photograhy books stacked on my desk) AND that I enjoy entertaining my inner slob while at work. They don't know me here, so its okay!

  6. MR: Then your workspace is on the money - good job!


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