The Post About How to Be the Nicest Sister Ever

I'm sick. And I'm hungry.

I keep trying to eat, but my small intestine inspects the Pringles and then stamps "REJECTED" on the sample. I tried both Ranch and Onion Blossom thinking one might be superior to the other.

I thought wrong.

This is punishment for the phenomenal lunch I inhaled yesterday at my parents' house. Have I mentioned my Mom nurtures with food? Well, she does. And she is extremely loving.

While I was there, my 6-year-old niece shared the secret to being a good sister:

I'm guessing Lily can't talk because of the huge trauma to the back of her head now covered in nail polish. Katelynne says it was an "accident." I'm sure.

Now back to reclining and watching 6 consecutive hours of Apollo 11 coverage.

P.S. I've decided to become an astronaut.


  1. I thought one of the things Obama was going to change was sickness.

  2. No, Joseph, it was going to be a giant space bridge to the moon.


  3. oh hope you get to feeling better soon. at least you'll be ready for the jeopardy category of Apollo 11. :)


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