The Post About The Pressure Put on My Sunglasses

My sunglasses are broken.
Broken Sunglasses
Is it because they are so divine that a complete stranger tried to snatch them off my head in a fury of jealousy? No.

Is it because when I was mountain biking and took the 8th jump in a row, the impact was so violent that they flew off, although I maintained control of my Cannondale bicycle? Umm...no.

It's because of this.

Measuring Tape
One of the numbers you see is the circumference of my head. And it's not 12.

My head broke my sunglasses.

You've already heard me
rant about the size of my noggin. Well, it's impacted my life yet again. The pressure was simply too much and so in an attempt to put them on one-handed, they snapped.

So these are my new sunglasses.

New Sunglasses
They're cute, but currently leave an indention on either side of my face. They'll need to stretch if they want to stick around.


  1. Cute post! I am notorious for breaking my sunglasses although its usually from accidentally sitting on them. I buy the cheap ones just in case.

  2. Well, the new ones are just fab.

    As the mother of two large-headed children, I humbly request that you hug your mother and apologize today. I'm just sayin.'

  3. I know the #. 23. You couldn't put Rebecca Romjin's pants on your head. And why would you want to anyway? You don't know where they've been. Well they've been on her butt. But you don't know where her butt's been now do you?

    And I'm sure they make welding goggles that would stand up under the pressure just fine.

  4. I just hate it when I damage or lose my favorite sunglasses!

  5. KS: I am a cheap girl - for sure - $9.50 from the Holy Land (Old Navy)

    L: Thanks! I was breech and therefore a C-section so she should be thanking me. Of course, there's something about a 12-inch scar from 1975.

    J: It's actually gotten bigger, do you believe that? TWENTY-FOUR INCHES! Thanks for the referral.

    MR: I feel your pain.

  6. You should just get a pair of goggles with UV coating on the lenses - that would be hilarious!!! My husband sat on his sunglasses the other day - that means we have to go to kohls...he has a big head too - only its too tall so he has a big forehead.

  7. I enjoy reading your posts Jamie. I can't tell you how much they brighten my day amidst everything else going on. Thanks for just being you.

  8. We should be proud of our big head! I'm known for having big head since young. I can't fit most of the hat/cap and I can never have my bang up coz not only my head is big, my face is broad/square too.......

  9. A: Oh to be too tall and have a big head...

    TAF: Thank YOU for you being you. Cause you are fabulous!

    S: We SHOULD be proud. So there you go - I'm proud. Thank you Suee for the vote of confidence from around the globe!


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