The Post About Three Things I Think Are The Best

A few things I consider uber-fabulous:

1. The Cheese Nugget. The one at the bottom of the Dorito or Cheese Puff bag. Deyummy.
2. A Memorized Remote. I love that I don't have to look at the source of my codependency to work it.
3. Sizing at The Gap. I can wear a whole size smaller without a water pill or lying down in the dressing room. Go Gap.

Speaking of The Gap.

The Rabbit Winner of the $25 giftcard good at Old Navy, The Gap, or Nana Public is...

Congrats to The Sextons!!! Check your email for details...

For all of you who listed a love for flip flops in the Summer - just remember... It's important to keep those toes nice and shiny. No calluses. No in-between gunk. No lengthy toenails.

And no toe hair.

I appreciate your compliance.


  1. Hey don't remind me - I am VERY proud of my size 8 gap jeans!!!

  2. Sometimes the best Dorito or Cheese Curl is in the middle of the bag. But there is at least one perfect one in every bag. Perfect shape (It looks like the one on the bag perfect shape) and the seasoning is evenly distributed over the entire chip. Perfect.

  3. A: I apologize for pulling back the veil.

    J: I still love the cheese nugget that's all concentrated and dusty...


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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