The Post About Crows Can Prop Their Feet Elsewhere

My Mom has always been a natural beauty. She's never been wrapped up in creams or potions. She hasn't been frightened by a gray hair. And she's never considered a wrinkle a death sentence.

I wish I could say the apple didn't fall far, but...

7 Step Routine
This is my front line arsenal of weapons against Mr. Time and his march across my face. Seven carefully choreographed steps intended to ward off what the years would have me think is classic beauty or aging gracefully.


Extra Points
I also utilize a second line of defense. This includes a nightly super defense moisturizer, weekly turnaround mask and matching moisturizer, as well as a daily redness reducer with built in SPF.


But this is my secret weapon - Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator. Recommended by my dermatologist who warned me my face would rebel against all the rejuvenation. And it has. My face has broken out like a 13-year-old with no friendship bracelets and a retainer shootin' spit left and right. But Dr. Skin said to hold tight because I would win the war.

Did you hear that dermis? I will win.

So what about you? Do you slow dance with vanity more than you should?

{images: Jamie}


  1. A slow dance with vanity always ends up with you alone, crying, and pregnant. Metaphorically speaking. The only defense against getting old is dying young. The only way to look younger for a time is lots of money and you are a social worker.

  2. You ought to be afraid. You should NEVER mix chemicals and you need to throw all that stuff away thats not in a pink and white tube before the crows land big time. Seriously, add up the amount of money you spend on your regimen and I'll show you how you can get the SAME kind of effects (even better) with stuff that is made to work TOGETHER and costs half the price. I'm thinkin your pretty face needs me before its too late! In your 20's you have the skin you were born with; In your 40's you have the skin you've earned due to the choices you have made; and in your 60's you have the skin you deserve! I'm just sayin'!

  3. you know, Avon has some really great products!
    Call me - I can fix you up!

  4. You should just date younger guys, like me. That takes off AT LEAST five years when people guess your age.


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