The Post About Brownies and Bedouins

My friend Jessi is a giver. She gives her time, energy, and whole sections of her life to great causes. She also gives baked goods:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Box
This delightful box was delivered this weekend as a reward for taking part in Jessi's personal
Bake Sale for Bedouins International. Bedouins provides high quality media to those people and organizations who have a story to tell. Stories that are changing the world.

Note from Jessi
By me being a consumer of all things peanut butter, Jessi will get one small step closer to Kenya.

The Meat of the Matter
She is going there to help tell the story of the Kiini Sustainable Initiative. The KSI works to eliminate poverty and empower youth and women in marginalized communities.

Not a bad mission statement.

You can help. Really.

Here's what the Board Chairman of Bedouins has to say about it:

What is media and why do i care? Media is a force that shapes your understanding of the world around you. Media has the ability to open our eyes to global politics, global injustice, global peace and global celebrations. All around us is media. Call it Fox News, CNN, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or even mass text messages. Media is everywhere. And guess what? You, my friend, have the power to shape the stories that are told. You're an artist. A storyteller. People listen to you. People are inspired by you. You want to carry influence. You want to change the world. You want to shape the way stories are told. Be the storyteller you desire to be.

Tell a story today. One that matters.

Even if brownies are not included.

{images: Jamie}


  1. Wow, Jamie, thank you. I might have just cried a little.

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