The Post About Lightening Your Load with Cake

I've been wading.

Wading in a pile of work whose mission is to overwhelm.

I will overcome it.

And my weapon of choice?

Baby Bites Before
Baby Bites. The kind of babies I want to fill up my house with. And my belly.

Pastry Art
Pastry Art in Homewood, Alabama makes my workload lighter.

Baby Bites Soon After
Not my buttload.

So here's the question?
What do you turn to when you need to manage some stress?

{images: Jamie}


  1. those look good! I am naughty and turn to my friend white zinfandel when I get stressed...

  2. I ride my bike, and eat potato chips, if I could do both at the same time, I would, any suggestions?

  3. W: Zin seems to wash the worries away - at least until after the nap.

    H: I'm thinking stationary bike would be the answer you're looking for!

  4. Snickers! Because we have a stash in the house at the moment...

  5. M: I buy those toddler Snickers that are 10 to a pack and eat two at a time. Which I'm fairly certain defeats the purpose...

    J: Of course.

  6. I too love the cake bites from pastry art. It is really terrible that I work right across the street. I tend to walk over about once every 2 weeks...I really try to contain myself. But, I figure since I am walking to get them and walking back I can at least cancel one cake out!!! Don't you think???

  7. I always turn to the most sugar-filled substance I can find when I get stressed. And now that I have gotten a glance at those divine little treats, Homewood will be auchincloss more frequent destination. Love your blogspot! :)

  8. Obviously I should proofread before I hit post


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