The Post About Looking for Luke and Obi-Wan

When I was a kid, I would double bun my hair and take a broken broom handle to every tree in the yard. I was both saving myself and waiting for the Millenium Falcon to sweep in and get me outta there. Then I hit fourth grade and my perm and collection of friendship bracelets demanded another lifestyle.

Summer Tree
This tree that was birthed in my yard over 100 years ago gently calls me back to lazy days of light sabers and fuzzy wookies. But I've hit adulthood and my mortgage and collection of handbags demands another lifestyle.

If you could skip work or school or whatever demands your time - what from your childhood would you spend the time doing?

{image: Jamie}


  1. Great question.
    My first thought was "play video games." But since I still do that, it's not really something specifically from my childhood.
    So instead my answer is exploring the woods and building forts. That was not only fun to do while we were building, but the semi safe structures would last at least a few days until bigger neighborhood kids came along and took it over.

  2. Oh, maybe twirl my baton in the driveway! I can't say climb trees, because now I know that they are full of spiders (I haven't climbed a tree since I got about 40-50 feet in the air in one and looked over to see a giant spider right by my hand. I have never moved so fast, as when I flew down out of that tree and swore off tree-climbing from that day forward!) Maybe I'd play Pong or put on my cousin's old cheerleading outfit and do some cheers. Or play "guns" with the boys! I like playing with boys!

  3. I would read books all day - yes, I was a dorky kid...whatever....

  4. SS: How cool would your kids be if they had the Dad who builds the forts?

    n: Oooh...I LOVED playing with batons!

    W: Be not afraid of your past, present, or future dorkiness.


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