The Post About No Shirt, No Service

Still swamped at work, but thought I'd take a quick lunch break and share with you my educational and humiliating experience from yesterday.

I love Sara Blakely. She changed my life. And my size.

Blakely is the southern belle who created

The mission of these fabulous undergarments is to hide imperfections and suck you in just a hair.

Or more than a hair, if possible.

They're a staple in my wardrobe and I wear them almost daily. When I don't wear them, I can breathe a little easier, but the anxiety of feeling especially plump cancels out the extra intake of oxygen.

Yesterday, I was juggling coffee and ironing and eyeliner and Matt Lauer when I dashed out the door headed to an appointment. I threw my workload in the backseat, adjusted the radio and backed out of the driveway. As I began to turn onto the street, I realized something.

I forgot to put on a shirt.

The only thing between me and the heavens was my Spanx. I'm sure my neighbor cutting the grass thought it was time for me to lay off the pizza delivery since my top was super tight.

Or perhaps he thought I was a prostitute.

Either way...fail.

{image: Spanx}


  1. Yes, it is a fail. But at least they were boob covering spanx! I accidentally went to school w/o a bra once. I'm not the kind of girl who can get away with that. It was a day of slow-walking and elevator riding.

  2. I "forgot" to wear underwear for like 2 weeks one time. Is that really forgetting or could I use the excuse that nothing was ironed and blame it on my wife. Blame it on the wife I will.

  3. At least you had something on! That's a victory in itself!!!

  4. You always wonder how those cartoon characters managed to make it all the way to work before realizing that they forgot to put pants on - I suppose now you share the secret.

    Ahhh absentmindedness. I once made it halfway to school before realizing that I had two completely different shoes on. Not nearly as embarrassing, but there you have it.

  5. Oh my heavens, that's funny! At least you realized it before you got too far...

  6. That just cracked me up the way you phrased it! Too funny!! lol :-)

  7. R: I love a silver lining AND a comparably embarrassing story.

    J: You iron your underwear?

    W: Battles, not always the war.

    S: I think two different shoes is pretty sad. Thank you.

    G & P : :-)

  8. The root of the problem is that you were juggling Matt Lauer. If you would put him down, you could focus a lot easier.

  9. I have dreams about doing stuff like that, but I've never actually done it.

  10. Hilarious. I flashed the UPS man my bra on Monday. lol


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