The Post About How My Body is Fighting Back

The area below my eye started twitching 6 days ago.

And has not stopped.

Here's a brief and slightly creepy confessional:

Snickers are caffeine-free, right?

Any advice would be welcome.


  1. hahahahahahahahaha!

    Lyndsay kicked caffeine this week too, oddly enough--you should call her and complain to each other about headaches...I know she can relate!

    But...getting rid of caffeine is ultimately a good thing, right? Is that what the doctor said? Or by 'doctor' do you just mean the leader of the local chapter of 'caffeineholics anonymous'?

    PS-it doesn't sound like kicking caffeine is having any negative effect on your energy level...

  2. my eyes do funny things when i get really stressed. twitching and floaters too.

    i kicked caffeine 6 years ago with the exceptiong of chocolate on occassion. no drinks though. best thing i did.

  3. I can now say that my array of friends is diverse...Martha Stewart (Jeanelle), Barbara Bush (Kimmie), and Cyclops (Ummm...that'd be you).

  4. SaLC: My energy level is up. My focus is not.

    o: So far, so good (meaning no one has died) - thank you for the encouragement!

    C: I'm going to admit I'm perfectly fine not being Barbara Bush.


    The video was so funny to me - it was like YOUR EYE (not you) was communicating. Snickers craving eyeballs - HA!


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