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I might be biased about author Donald Miller, due to my slight juvenile crush on him. Not on him - the actual person, but on him - the idea of him. A thinker who's got a sense of humor and loves God. I look forward to never meeting him in order to preserve that possible fabrication. His newest book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, is a well written and humorous glimpse into the process of Miller transitioning his bestseller, Blue Like Jazz, to the movie screen. A Million Miles will get you to thinking about your own life story. And the possible rewrite.


Drew Barrymore was hosting SNL last night and I was reminded how much I fancy her as an actress. And Cover Girl spokesperson. My favorite flick of hers is Ever After. It's the story of Danielle, the alleged inspiration for the Grimm Brothers' tale of Cinderella, who tries to rescue a fellow servant and becomes a queen. P.S. Anjelica Huston kills it as the evil stepmother.


I still own the cassette tape soundtracks to Top Gun and Footloose. Many movies I like more than necessary can be directly attributed to the musical background of one Kenny Loggins. Those movies include Caddyshack, Caddyshack II and One Fine Day. And don't even get me started on his album Return to Pooh Corner. I am tearing up just thinking about "The Last Unicorn."

P.S. I'm still working on that second job. Although my twitching eye would indicate it's a bad idea. Click for me.


  1. And how about Don writing that book is an excellent marketing tool for the movie? Genius.

  2. I love Ever After. My favorite scene is when the step sister throws a toddler fit and blames it on a "bee".

    Never Been Kissed is pretty cute.


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