The Post About Jamie Desperately Seeking Jamie

These pretty people got married this month.

Do you know how they met?

It's a multiple choice question.

a. They were classmates in Psychology 101 at college.
b. They shared a cubicle at their bank job.
c. They sat on the same pew during a revival service.
d. The girl, named Kelly Hildebrandt, looked up her own name on Facebook and met the boy, named Kelly Hildebrandt.

And then they fell in love.

What about these pretty people who are now allegedly dating.

They're named Taylor.

They'll probably birth babies who wear Chuck Taylors and play Taylor guitars and live happily ever after in Taylor, Texas.

Do you know a handsome, smart, funny and single guy named Jamie B. Golden?

I'm on the prowl.


  1. Do you know what the ad on the bottom of your RSS feed was today? Match.com

  2. Your Jamie is out there!! You just gotta keep looking...on Facebook!

  3. I love that the Taylors are dating! It's adorable and I'm not ashamed to say that I love them both =)

    I'll help you find Jamie if you help me find Sam.

  4. J: Boo.

    SS: Excellent. It's a sign.

    R: I should do a quick search - follow-up blog to come...

    S: I'm about to Google for you...

  5. To heck with a guy named Jamie, you like Back to the Future mostly because your parents had kitchen chairs with the exact same pattern on them as in the McFly's kitchen at the start of the movie.


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