The Post About Making Over the Rabbits

I'm older.

Now I'm even older.

Time is rushing by me in a blur. Soon I'll begin to eat dinner before the sun sets and turn on my car blinker for absolutely no reason.

And I will resist all change.

So now's the time for change.

Jamie's Rabbits has a whole new look. One I sorta love. Especially since I'm not responsible.

Many thanks to Ellie and her crazy fabulous team of one at Rainy Day Templates who exfoliated and botoxed and spray tanned my home on the interwebs until it had the "boldness of a much younger woman" (...name that TV show FTW...).

So what do you think?


  1. 30 Rock! (That counts right? Considering it's me and I'm obsessed with Liz Lemon and pretty much all things Tina Fey. . . yeah it counts).

    I love it. Green may just be the best color ever.

  2. A & WAI: Thanks dears!

    S: Winner, winner... Green is quite adorable.

  3. Hee! We both had redesigns the same day! How funny! Looks fab, lady!

  4. I love this new look! So fresh and welcoming! I really adore. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and weekend and love to you!

  5. I like it... but then again your blog could be the ugliest blog ever and I'd still follow it because you are hysterical and you make me smile :)

  6. A-JAT: Your design is quite snazzy too - I love the header & footer!

    MD: Thanks Mer!

    j: You have a lovely merry happy day too!

    S: You are too kind - my next makeover may go the ugly route just to test my readers :-)

  7. I Like. I like it A LOT.

    Love your post too - you have such a way with words.

  8. Jamie, this looks great! I love the green and brown combo (and your profile photo is awesome - are those playing cards? You're not supposed to show your hand!! Or are you performing a magic trick?)

  9. j: {blushing} you're too kind!

    p-b: I was actually playing a game called MAO and those were all my "stupid" cards - penalty cards.


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