The Post About Influenza and How It Teaches

Illness had been slapping me around all weekend and I decided a doctor probably knew more than my friends - WebMD and Gregory House.

The diagnosis? Non-swine influenza.

Here's what I've learned from this bout of debilitating sickness:

1. Not breathing is annoying.The altitude difference between standing up and sitting down is the difference between breathing and not breathing. Ergo, sitting down is annoying.

2. People care more about how you sound when you're sick than how you feel. You can feel quasi-well, but if your coughs sound like a mack truck ramming through a barricade with gasoline spilling out, then your friends and coworkers are not interested in your RSVP. To anything.

3. Too much television can make you sicker. Yesterday, I watched a History Channel special on 2012 and its year of reckoning. I immediately started making my Y2K12 list. The Mayans don't play when it comes to math.

4. Flu shots are all about timing.


  1. So sorry! I hope you're back up to snuff today!

    Well, you might want to lay off the snuff, on second thought. It probably wouldn't help your throat.

  2. M: I am!

    R: Good call on the snuff...


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