The Post About a Mother of a Birthday

Not only is this a month of aging for myself, but my Mom hit her own milestone.

She's 60-years-young. I know she won't mind me divulging her age since she doesn't look a day over 45. Or is it 35? Mom - what was I supposed to say?

To celebrate, I copied an idea I've seen several places - 60 gifts.

Mom's 60th Birthday Gifts
I would be fibbing if I didn't share that wrapping all that bounty wasn't a bugger.

Mom's 60th Birthday Gift #16
My Mom's a quilter from way back. She tried to pass on these skills to me. But I never understood the difference between a "bias" and any other word in the English language.

Mom's 60th Birthday Gift Sewing Kit
Sewing emergencies for me include hot glue or masking tape.

Mom's 60th Birthday Gift #25
One memory I have growing up is listening to my Mom's albums. There was mad dancing to the Ray Coniff singers and B.J. Thomas. What?

Mom's 60th Birthday Gift CD
It will be all raindrops falling on Santa's head this year.

Mom's 60th Birthday Gift Magic Pen
I expect my Mom to use this Mr. Dramamama pen when doing all things administrative at her job. A promotion would soon follow.

Mom - I'm glad you were born.

{images: Jamie}

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  1. Thanks for making my birthday an event to remember. Love, Jamie's Mom

  2. My birthday's coming up in 2 weeks. I will be 26.. I won't mind if you decide to buy me 26 gifts.

  3. KP: You really need to earn a number of gifts that high. By turning 60 or 100. Of course, you can't necessarily enjoy them as much at that point...

  4. what a wonderful idea! I might try this for the next birthday of a loved one!!

  5. What a sweet way to celebrate your mom!

  6. OL: My Mom really loved it - I was surprised how much!

    M: It was sorta sweet {wink}

  7. That's such a great idea!

    Now where are my presents?

  8. I really like your gift idea. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  9. R: That's a question for your daughter or hubby or postal worker...

    j: I'll pass on the love!


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